Craig Bragdy Design.   We are ‘family’.   We always will be.   Consistently delivering with the care and commitment of a growing and developing unit.   Embryonic and raw in the fifties, sophisticated and worldwide in this twenty first century.   Our story in pictures and captions.


Since the very beginning Craig Bragdy has been exploring the boundaries of large scale ceramic art, its ‘handmade’ ethos and bespoke design having been central to the company’s activity since the very beginning – here Shon and Nick are producing bespoke, hand pressed ashtray dishes for a hotel chain in the city!   Craig Bragdy’s existence today stems partly from these very early days of hard work, commitment and vision by Rhys and Jean (and family!) during the fifties, sixties and seventies.  The principle of a bespoke, hand-made and large scale production continues to this day, albeit with the benefit of a transformed ‘process’ and quantum leaps forward in technology.

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Craig Bragdy’s success is undoubtedly driven in part by the genuine passion and commitment in all members of the team. Their main goal is always to create a perfect piece of artwork for each and every client. This collective dedication and ‘team’ culture is a valued asset that has been at the company’s core since it started all those years ago. A selected group of experienced management and production personnel drive the projects forward, guide the team and maintain high levels of communication with the company’s clients.

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Worldwide Experience

Craig Bragdy has much experience working with clients and their agents worldwide.  In turn, the team has developed a good understanding of ‘local’ working cultures and working practices across Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and the Americas.   Our export department works tirelessly to deliver goods to site, promptly and efficiently.   Our sales teams and those charged with supervision and installation on site during the final phase, are widely travelled and so understand that each project will have its individual needs, personalities and systems.   We look forward to working together.

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Craig Bragdy has had the good fortune to work with some of the world’s most recognised designers, architects, consultants and contractors – a selection of agreed ‘links’ are included here.  Many of the projects we become involved with are large and complex, with multiple personnel involved – they appreciate Craig Bragdy’s professionalism, clarity and openness and many invite the company’s involvement in future projects.

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