We have been designing, making and installing swimming pool ceramics for over fifty years.



Since the very beginning Craig Bragdy has been pushing the boundaries of ceramic technology and cutting edge designs for swimming pools worldwide. Highly focussed on how ceramics, the movement of water and magnification unite to create something truly magical. This free thinking and imagination has significantly grown the Craig Bragdy brand, not only in size but also in ambition, technical achievement and design sophistication.

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The secret to Craig Bragdy’s success is undoubtedly the genuine passion and commitment that derives from all members of the team. The main goal is always to create a perfect piece of artwork for each and every client. This kind of dedication is rare but demonstrates the culture of the brand which has been at its core since it started all those years ago. The core team is fully immersed in all stages of each project from the initial meeting right through to the manufacturing and installation of each piece.

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Worldwide Reach

Craig Bragdy has been lucky enough to work with clients worldwide from the UK and Europe to South East Asia, the Americas.

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Craig Bragdy does not operate in isolation but alongside trusted partners. Designers, architects, consultants, contractors and suppliers all come together to ensure that the finished artwork is truly spectacular.

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