Dive into our vibrant world of bespoke ceramic designs.

Craig Bragdy Design’s handmade ceramics are truly magical when immersed in water – vibrant, magnified and animated. Here, a small selection of inhouse movies.

Water brings enhancement to Craig Bragdy ceramics. Horizontal surfaces in particular are brought closer to the viewer and offer an immediacy that is compelling. Nuances of soft colour, accents of mother-of-pearl, intricate clay work and subtle brush strokes, apparently all within touching distance, become vivid and ‘immediate’ with the clear, still, magnifying property of water.

As a complement, water movement, from pumps, filtration and usage brings ‘life’ and vibrancy – changing colours, dancing reflections, darting light – the beauty of movement and animation – an abstract mix of pure joy that will quickly settle, once more, to the enduring, magnified art work at pool’s base – ‘still’ and glorious. And then a further transformation occurs as the sun slips below the horizon, pool lights activate and the scene is set for evening events beside a pool boasting your original, compelling, personalised, artwork – an enthralling centre piece for evening, pool side activities.

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